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Lavers Hill K-12 College is located in the Otway Ranges among ancient rainforests and waterways of the Gadubanud people.

Our College has a rich local history as it was founded in 1911 as Lavers Hill State School No.3569. It has seen numerous transformations over the decades. In 1953, Kawarren, Barongarook, Gellibrand Primary Schools were integrated with Lavers Hill State School No.3569 as Lavers Hill Consolidated School. In 1993, it officially became Lavers Hill K-12 College that we are currently known as. Lavers Hill K-12 College is set over two campuses. Our main Lavers Hill campus is a welcoming rural College, located on the Great Ocean Road in the Otway Ranges. The College is set in extensive landscaped gardens and grounds with excellent recreational and sporting facilities. We offer an enriching variety of programs for developing students’ learning and social potential.

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We enable curious minds to excel in a vibrant and inclusive learning community. We have an excellent breadth of curriculum, following the Victorian Curriculum F-10 and including Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), VCE Vocational Major (VM), and Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) programs, in addition to our flexible primary and kindergarten programs. As part of the coastal cluster of schools, which include Lorne, Apollo Bay and Timboon P-12 Colleges, we can offer a broader range of VCE and VET subjects. 

Our second campus in Colac is a Flexible Learning Options (FLOs) school, known as the Greater Otways Applied Learning School (GOALS). GOALS aims to re-engage young people who are currently disengaged from any form of education, by providing them with a flexible and tailored pathway-based education program.  This program has seen many of our students not only reconnect with formal education, but attain certificates at TAFE, in VCE VM/VPC and continue onto employment or further education.

A high proportion of students attending the Lavers Hill College are bus travellers. Four buses bring students from a range of surrounding locations. No school bus services are available for our students in GOALS. However, there are a number of public transport options available to students across the Colac-Otway regions. 


At Lavers Hill College, we provide an environment that promotes the personal and intellectual growth of all students. We are committed to the development of young people who live successful and constructive lives, with positive personal values and a strong sense of community. In achieving our vision, Lavers Hill K-12 College strives to reflect the aspirations of our community and provide opportunities for all our students to participate and contribute to their world. Our core goal is for students to exceed their expected progress. We have high expectations of all students, and a strong support network to assist them.


Lavers Hill K-12 College’s mission is to work collaboratively to deliver excellence in education for every student across K-12 by providing:

  • A stimulating, secure and supportive environment.
  • Programs that cater for student diversity and ensure every student attains their full potential. We aim to enable them to be effective members and contributors in our modern society, both in and beyond the school environment.

Our College works hard to provide a safe and positive environment, where students are respected and are encouraged to actively participate in their learning. With our small class sizes, our staff are responsive to students’ individual educational and wellbeing needs. Students have individual learning goals which are regularly reviewed by teachers, students and parents. Our staff work from a trauma informed educational model, Berry Street Education Model (BSEM), which places wellbeing at the forefront of what we do in Lavers Hill K-12 College. 

Our school values underpin our core mission and they are integrated across the school community.

  • We encourage RESPECT by taking responsibility for our actions, thinking of others & being kind, patient and thankful.  This means caring about people and treating them in the way we would want to be treated.
  • We encourage a culture of LEARNING by actively engaging in a wide range of learning tasks. This involves embracing challenges, striving for excellence, and acknowledging that learning is a lifelong journey.
  • We encourage CREATIVITY by thinking outside the box to problem solve in all areas of our life. \We celebrate ideas that are novel, unique, original and adaptive. Creativity can improve our academic excellence, well-being and personal development.

Lavers Hill K-12 College has significant community involvement and in some areas is the hub of the local community where they can access our swimming pool and gym. We house the Otway Light newspaper, which strengthens our community involvement and communication.

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