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About Us

The GOALS campus of Lavers Hill K-12 College aims to re-engage young people who are currently disengaged from any form of education, by providing students with a flexible and tailored education program. The GOALS campus is based in Colac, at the heritage site of the original Colac Shire Offices.

GOALS is a Victorian Government Flexible Learning Options School that seeks to provide the highest standard of public education for young people aged 15 – 20 years (Year 10+) who have been disengaged or excluded from mainstream education.

Our staff strive to deliver a program that is grounded in positive teacher-student relationships. All of our staff are Berry Street Education Model trained, and operate using trauma-informed practice at all times, making our campus an inclusive, fun and safe place to learn and aspire.

We focus on the strengths of our students, and work hard to develop a curriculum that best supports this. All students have an annually updated Individual Learning Plan that covers many aspects of both education and wellbeing, ensuring that the students’ changing needs and aspirations are met.

We see positive outcomes on a daily basis and many of our students not only reconnect with education, but attain certificates at TAFE, in VCAL/VCE (and now VCE VM/VPC) and continue on to employment or further education. This is a huge aspect of the success of our program.

Our Aim

GOALS aim is to re-engage young people who are currently disengaged from mainstream education, by providing students with relevant and individually tailored programs. As the name implies, we are here to assist and promote our students in all of their aspirations across their education, career and personal goals.

GOALS aims to provide students with a learning environment that is supportive and productive and seeks to create literate, numerate and curious learners. Collaborative learning is fundamental at GOALS, including maintaining connections between students and staff as partners in learning. Teachers and support staff primarily seek to create and maintain a positive environment by following a student-centred approach that is consistent and reliable whilst adhering to the fundamental principles of unconditional positive regard, respect, sincerity, honesty and empathy.

To be eligible for the program, the young person needs to be referred by:

*Current school

*A local government or non-for-profit service 



We will be offering both the Victorian Pathway Certificate (VPC) and the VCE Vocational Major (VM) in 2023. 

The VPC is an accredited foundation secondary qualification under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006. It aligns to Level 1 in the Australian Qualifications Framework. While the VPC is not a senior secondary qualification, it can be a pathway to the VCE. The VPC is designed to develop and extend pathways for young people, while providing flexibility for different cohorts. The VPC is suitable for students whose previous schooling experience may have been disrupted for a variety of reasons, including students with additional needs, students who have missed significant periods of learning and vulnerable students at risk of disengaging from their education. 

Our strong connection to local trade and industry means that our programs have the opportunity for structured workplace learning alongside certificate attainment. GOALS aims to provide its students with the opportunity to enhance their education in tandem with their social development, and to negotiate their transition into further education, employment or training at their own pace. Programs offered at GOALS campus can be modified to suit the needs of individual students and that may include alternative schooling hours and further engagement with other education and employment providers.

To learn more about Flexible Learning Options, please visit the DET website 

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If you would like to find out more about the GOALS programs, please contact us for further information.

PHONE: 5290 5004