Lavers Hill K-12 College

Lavers Hill K-12 College

03 5237 3213

10 College Drive, Lavers Hill, 3238

Tony Grayden, Principal

The Otway Light Newsletter

The Otway Light Community newsletter

The Otway Light is a community newspaper produced at the College by volunteers.

It is published on a Tuesday, printing 300 copies each week during term time, plus 160 copies emailed.

Articles are welcomed and can be left or posted to the College (10 College Drive, Lavers Hill, 3238), the Post Office (P.O. Lavers Hill, 3238), or emailed to otway[at]lavershillp12c[dot]vic[dot]edu[dot]au.

The Otway Light Editorial Board (OLEB) – see below for members – reserves the right to edit or to not print any article it considers inappropriate. OLEB does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of articles.

The views and opinions expressed in articles printed in The Otway Light are not necessarily those of OLEB. Editors are aware of the originators of all material, but are not obliged to print their names.

Advertisers & contributors – please note that a name and phone number must be included (not necessarily for publication) with every item submitted to The Otway Light.

Personal notices must be signed and have an address & contact phone number (not necessarily for publication).

The front cover can be booked by phoning 03 5237 3213 between 12 noon & 3pm on Tuesdays.

All submissions must be received by Tuesday midday to be included.

Scale of charges for advertisements:

  • Who/What/When/Where – $2.50

B&W / Colour

  • ⅛ page – $6.00 / $7.50
  • ¼ page – $12.00 / $15.00
  • ½ page – $18.00 / $25.00
  • Full page – $28.00 / $35.00
  • Front cover – $32.00 / $50.00

Posted paper copies $45.00 per year. Email $10.00 per year.


The Otway Light Editorial Board

  • ( C u r r e n t l y _ v a c a n t ), Chair
  • H e l e n _ C h a m b e r s
  • H e l e n _ G r a n t, Secretary & Acting Treasurer
  • J o a n _ R e e d, Assistant Secretary
  • L i n d a _ R i c h a r d s o n
  • S u e _ G i l l e t
  • S u e _ H a r r i n g t o n (Staff)