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Secondary English

Secondary English

Literary texts have a central role in the curriculum.

They form one of the three strands:

  • Language – knowing about the English language
  • Literature – understanding, appreciating, responding to, analysing and creating literature
  • Literacy – expanding the repertoire of English usage

There are four sub-strands within the Literature strand of English:

  • Literature and context (social, historical and cultural contexts)
  • Responding to literature (identifying and discussing personal ideas, experiences and opinions)
  • Examining literature (analysing language and literary techniques)
  • Creating literature (imaginative writing that uses a literary text as a starting point)

The curriculum uses a broad understanding of literature – students interpret, appreciate, evaluate and create literary texts such as short stories, novels, poetry, prose, plays, film and multimodal texts, in spoken, print and digital/online forms.

English for Years 7-9

  • War/ConflictHannah’s Suitcase by Karen Levine; Soldier Boy a biography of James Martin; The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank; The Soldier on the Hill by Jackie French
  • Australia – Film text: Rabbit Proof Fence; Short story: The Drover’s Wife by Henry Lawson; The Girl with No Name by Pat Lowe; Camel Rider by Pru Mason; Destination Abudai by Pru Mason
  • Different CulturesKampung Boy by Lat

Year 10 English

Students in Year 10 have Individual Learning Plans and study texts which suit their ability. Students complete various exercises to develop vocabulary, improve comprehension and improve writing skills.

Suggested Texts: Gravity by Scot Gardner; Mountain Wolf by Rosanne Hawke; The Wave (film text) – unit of work on Propaganda; 12 Angry Men (play and film text); Galileo – play (reading together – looking at conflict); Soldier Boy by Anthony Hill; Witness – film text (looking at conflict); Gattica – film text; Short Stories by Roald Dahl

Texts used: English Basics by Sadler; Inside English Skills – Language, Literature , Literacy by Rosemary O’Shea (this text covers all aspects of the Australian Curriculum)

Language Analysis: Students begin to develop their skills in presenting points of view (orally and written) and examine how writers attempt to persuade their audience to a point of view.