Lavers Hill K-12 College

Lavers Hill K-12 College

03 5237 3213

10 College Drive, Lavers Hill, 3238

Michelle Ferrari, Acting Principal

School Council

The School Council is a vital part of the running of College. Our objectives are to assist in efficient governance, ensure that the students’ best interests are primary, enhance educational opportunities for students and ensure compliance with relevant legislation & regulations.

In other words we keep an eye on how the school operates and decide where it’s heading in the future!

The Principal is appointed by, and responsible to, the school council. There are a number of subcommittees that look after various aspects of the College. And we are also an important link between the community and the College.

The School Council meets at least eight times a year, generally on the third Monday of the month, at 5:00pm. The meetings go for 1½ hours.

The AGM is held every March and this is when the office bearers are elected, subcommittees are formed and the Annual Report is presented.

School Council President

School Council meetings coming up: still to be decided ...


School Council

  • M i c h e l l e _ F e r r a r i, Acting Principal (Staff)

Parent's Club

  • C a r o l _ H o r o (Parent)
  • J a c q u i _ L a n g l e y (Parent)
  • L i n d a _ P e r k i n s (Parent)
  • M i s s y _ M i l l i k e n (Parent)

Finance subcommittee

  • M i c h e l l e _ F e r r a r i, Chair (Staff)

Preschool subcommittee

  • T r a c y _ B r a u e r (Staff)

Pool & Gym subcommittee

  • D a l e _ B a r r o w (Bluewater)
  • I a n _ B r o w n (Community)
  • L u c y _ V e s e y (Bluewater)
  • M i c h e l l e _ F e r r a r i (Staff)
  • R a y _ D o e n s e n (Victoria Police)
  • S t e p h e n _ H a r t (Colac Otway Shire)

Buildings, Environment & Sustainability

  • I a n _ B r o w n, Pool Maintenance
  • L i n d a _ P e r k i n s (Parent)
  • P a t _ N e w t o n, Groundskeeper (Parent)

Outdoor Learning & Leadership Camp

  • M e a g a n _ B u t l e r (Staff)
  • W i l l i a m _ M e a d e n (Staff)