Lavers Hill K-12 College

Lavers Hill K-12 College

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Tony Grayden, Principal

Primary Physical Education

Physical activity is a major component of a healthy lifestyle.

Classes in Physical Education and Sport run every week, with classes combining across years 3-6. We provide a balance of engaging activity (including self-directed play), skills development in minor games and formal sports.

There is an emphasis on building co-operation and teamwork across the year levels as well as providing opportunities for a competitive environment when appropriate. We take advantage of seasonal interests with units on specific skills for sports that children may see in their everyday life. These include netball, Australian Rules football, cricket, soccer, basketball, indoor hockey etc.

In years Prep to Two, PE primarily involves increasing skills and participation in games and activities as well as developing a fitness and flexibility base for students.

House swimming and athletics carnivals are run through the year, with specific practice provided in PE and Sports sessions.