Lavers Hill K-12 College

Lavers Hill K-12 College

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Tony Grayden, Principal

Primary English

Children are immersed in literature (books and online texts) and they are taught the different reading strategies that will teach them the skills they need to become readers.

Students are then taught different strategies to comprehend what they are reading:

  • Decode/Critical Literacy
  • Analytic reading
  • Analysis of film
  • Public speaking & expressive reading
  • Debating
  • Film making and visual literacy
  • Connecting to the community, community projects (e.g. Masterchef, planning a camp, Sleeping Rough is Tough project)
  • Creative response to reading
  • A variety of engaging approaches
  • Library sport

Students are also taught the most common words, which helps with their reading and spelling. The THRASS system which looks at phonics is how we teach children to spell.

Students create interesting stories using the Seven Steps writing program. Students write for different purposes and audiences. Writing includes recounts, expositions, narratives and procedures, and students can then produce them further using computers.