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Tony Grayden, Principal

Performing Arts

Performing Arts/Drama classes are also offered to all students from grades K-10, coinciding with the school’s production.

These classes build on the students’ processes of performance, where they are required to make countless creative decisions about voice, action, role, transition, and timing when working together.

Each individual student is challenged to achieve a kind of “group mind” through watching carefully, listening closely to each other and building on each others’ suggestions and actions.

In performance of a scripted play our main focus is that our students participate effectively in the group collaboration process and as a performer makes decisions on how to make the emotional life of the character believable.

Drama: K-8 weekly sessions (Drama is an elective subject in Years 9-10)

A n g e l a _ B e e b y
, Performing Arts & Drama Teacher

Whole-School Production

This year (2014), the whole-school production will be a take on Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Walk-In Robe by RockED Music Pty Ltd (see news).

Past productions include:

  • 2010 – Alice in Wonderland
  • 2011 – A Kid Summer Night’s Dream
  • 2012 – Peter Pan