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Tony Grayden, Principal

Parent's Club

The Parents and Friends Committee’s purpose is to support our school community through fund raising events, providing catering for school functions, as well as running the canteen.

All funds raised are used to support the school and our students as well as subsidising various activities.

Being involved in this Committee allows us to be more involved in our school community and more aware of child’s education and their teachers and peers. Also it allows us an opportunity to raise any concerns we have directly with the Principal as well as being informed of future plans for the school and our children.

We are a small school and we have a very small committee but everyone is welcome. We would love more parents and community members to become involved.

The canteen is open on Thursday lunchtimes fortnightly during term time and students can choose items from the menu. Orders and payment should be placed with the Office, first thing in the morning.

T r a c y _ B r a u e r
Parent's Club President
03 5237 3253


Parent's Club

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