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Severe Weather Warning 30th January 2019

Lavers Hill K-12 College will be CLOSED tomorrow 30th JANUARY 2019
School buses will not be running
Parents can transport their student to Colac South West Primary where an alternate program will be provided

A maths color by number painting masterpiece was created in the art room
Primary Team alias- THE WIGGLES !!!

Education Week 2018 ACTIVITY DAY


On Wednesday we celebrated Education Week in periods 1-4 with a variety of exciting multi-age activities designed around this years’ theme- ‘Celebrating the Arts’.
Students participated in Indonesian Gamelan music and learnt how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. There was a Family Tv Game show asking questions all about the ARTS which was won by Team Golden Goose. A maths color by number painting masterpiece was created in the art room and we all learnt how to make a Pom Pom which will be made into a class rug.
Students dressed up as their favourite ‘artist’ on the day which included a magician, artist, roadie, back dancers and not one but two Wally’s! Famous musicians including Delta and PINK took time out of their busy schedules and Slash from Guns and Roses made an impressive entry. Movies stars who shone on the red carpet included the Wicked Witch from the West – Wizard of Oz, Agent J – Men in Black, Cruella Da Ville -101 Dalmatians and of course the leading stars Elsa and Ana from Frozen.
We all enjoyed a BBQ lunch which was kindly organised by Missy and Marni – thank you! We raised just over $150 which will go towards this years’ school production of Aladdin Jr.
What a great day the primary students had celebrating the Arts together.
From the Primary Team alias- THE WIGGLES !!!

Dean, Jasper, & Chloe
Melissa Potter, Zoe & Izy
Swimming Champions 2017
Swimming Champions 2018
Triumphant Blues

Swimming Carnival 2018

The Inter-House Swimming Carnival was held on Monday 19 February. Some very keen students from Years 5 to 12 participated and there were some very close finishes. The outstanding improvements in the swimming ability of our students is due to our free swimming program provided by the College in the indoor heated pool. The swimming teachers Michelle Ferrari, Jan Ratcliff and Kath Speirs should all be congratulated.



The current practise is to award the best two performing participants in four sections, the Primary and Secondary for both boys and girls, with a Champion and a Runner-up. This year there were insufficient primary swimmers to award a runner-up.

GROUP Male Female
PRIMARY CHAMPION Dean Constantinou, 11 yrs (30 pts) Chloe Ewert, 11 yrs (37 pts).

SECONDARY CHAMPION Angus Vance, Open (60 points) Zoe Brauer, Open (60 points) RUNNER UP Bryce Bridgeman, 16 yrs (37 points) Ella Brauer, 13 yrs (54 points)

Further news next week about the Interschool Swimming against Lorne and Apollo Bay Colleges. We had five of our students successfully win a place to progress to the next level! Good luck to Zoe Brauer, Angus Vance, Teaghan Vance, Isabelle Abraham and Bryce Bridgeman who will compete against Colac Secondary and Trinity Colleges, as well as Apollo Bay and Lorne again, this Friday the 2 March.

New roof, new corridor

Leadership would like to thank staff who worked tirelessly to tidy up the corridor and the foyer after the building works, and for students and their patience whilst it was being completed.

The west corridor is now amazing, we are very happy with the result, as are our students.

Leadership would like to thank Adi Gilbert and Andrew Kohane for all their work in getting these works planned and organised.

Making cheese
Making cheese

Catering With Chemistry

Middle Years students have been learning about chemical processes like fermentation, coagulation and separation techniques through our unit ‘Catering With Chemistry’.

In the photos, the students are learning to make cheese (feta and a soft spreadable cheese called quark). They are also using the process of fermentation to make ginger beer and sour dough bread. It’s been great to learn how chemistry works in everyday situations.

Sending out a huge thank you to Katherine for all her help. Thanks also to Sue and Ron Harrington for supplying the creamy milk to make the best cheese and to Melissa Potter, Kirrin Brown and David Gilbert for sharing their scientific expertise. Thanks also to the team at Apostle Whey for showing us the ropes.

Professional Learning Day
Missy, Helen, Kirra & Eve
Professional Learning Day
Marni, Kate, Helen, Sue, Anne & Melissa

Professional Learning Day

Lavers Hill staff had a most productive Professional Learning day on Friday June 10 2016. It was a valuable chance to reflect together on how all our students are progressing, our achievements together and future planning.

Our New School Improvement Team (Missy, Helen, Kirra & Eve) facilitated our reflection on what we thought were the current strengths (balloons) and challenges (weights) facing the College.

After a detailed and engaging process that came up with over 20 suggestions we synthesised areas and came up with a leading focus. Together we agreed to work on developing a ‘school culture based on a love of learning and pride in learning’ and how we can support and inspire our ‘students to take responsibility for their learning and develop their capacity as independent learners’. This goals aligns well with our College vision and we look forward to keeping parents and our community in touch as we build these invaluable qualities and skills.

In the afternoon all staff worked together on plans and for a unit of work based around the concept of ‘Diversity’. We used hexagons to identify connections across the Learning Communities and to explore shared learning experiences for Term 3. Students will also be actively involved in planning the unit and we look forward to sharing the developing ideas with parents and involving our community.

Andrew Kohane

Canteen Redesign
Canteen Redesign
Canteen Redesign
Canteen Redesign

Resilience Project 2016

A group of six students from Grade 5 – Year 11 formed our project team in Term 4 2015.

After a few brainstorming sessions the idea of redesigning the Canteen space emerged. This has included the painting of 2 new murals and purchasing new furniture.

Dakota, Zoe, Tom, Harrison, Ella and Sophie – the core team met together each week to brainstorm, gather input from other students, design and implement the project.

The Launch Day is planned for Friday May 27th and will include a Pancake Breakfast for the whole School. The core team are sleeping over at the School the night before the launch to make all the preparations for the
Launch. We can’t wait to celebrate with the whole School Community!

Denise Hooke
Denise Hooke

Denise Hooke Colac Otway Shire’s 2016 Australia Day Citizen of the Year

Denise’s vision and leadership pioneered the Turning Point education programme, which provides young people with an alternative pathway to completing their education. A team of teachers, social workers and business volunteers support the students to help them realise their potential.

Lavers Hill Consolidated School was Denise’s first teaching appointment (1977-79) and she has taught here again since 1988.

Denise has also contributed to many other areas of the local community, including 20 years on the Otway Health Board, a member of the Southern Otway Landcare Network for 14 years. She is also a life member of the Apollo Bay Pony Club, and the Apollo Bay & District Agricultural Society.

Denise says ‘I feel very proud and honoured to accept this award on behalf of our Lavers Hill K-12 College and the community organisations I have volunteered with. Volunteering makes a community “sing”.’

Congratulations Denise.

Korean partner school

Lavers Hill K-12 College continues to forge ahead with innovation and relentless quest for excellence.

Students from the Middle Years 5-8 program joined our Korean partner school in a highly successful digital link last Wednesday.

Gancheon Elementary School in Daegu, South Korea taught us a traditional dance featuring elaborate costumes and traditional music. Our students responded with a comprehensive video presentation featuring the unique flora and fauna of our local environment. The response from the Korean students was quite animated and they were clearly engaged in activity.

This was followed up on Friday when our school was represented in a formal signing of a memorandum of understanding between all the schools in both countries involved in the project. This was again facilitated by the use of digital technologies.

It was very moving to witness the genuine commitment all participants have to promoting respect, understanding and educational opportunities for students.

Secondary Coastal Athletics Carnival 2018

A team of Lavers Hill secondary students attended Central Reserve in Colac on Friday 27 April, 2018 to compete against representatives from Apollo Bay, Lorne, Colac Secondary and Trinity Colleges. It was a glorious sunny day for this annual extra-curricular event. There were some fantastic results achieved and a wonderful supportive atmosphere between competitors. It was pleasing to see the efforts of our students who gained a place by performing very well at the Otway Athletics. As you will see below our competitors obtained many “first” places. This is a truly amazing effort when you consider they competed against the best athletes from some much larger schools. If they choose they can compete in the next level of competition, which will be in September.
I congratulate all students for their participation and results.
Student performances on the day:

Ella Brauer Discus 1st Javelin 1st Shot Put 3rd Triple Jump 3rd
William Wyld Javelin 1st Triple Jump 4th
Matthew Wyld High Jump 1st Shot Put 1st Long Jump 2nd Triple Jump 3rd
Jack Cowley Javelin 2nd
Lilley Ayers 200m 3rd 400m 2nd 800m 2nd 1500m 2nd
Jacobi Javelin 2nd
Isabelle Long Jump 3rd
Jim Abraham Discus 1st Javelin 1st
Zoe Brauer Shot Put 1st Triple Jump 1st Discus 1st 100m 1st High Jump 1st 200m 1st Long Jump 1st

Age Group Champions
The excellent performances by Ella and Zoe deserve special mention. Both achieved the award of Age Group Champions on the day.
Ella Brauer = 13 years Female Champion with 88 points.
Zoe Brauer = 20 years Female Champion with 168 points.
Well done Ella and Zoe.

By Ms Melissa Potter

Richard Collopy
Artwork for National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Children’s Day

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Children’s Day

We were very fortunate to have Richard Collopy come in and share with us his knowledge of Aboriginal culture.

Here is a picture of our artwork that we created with Richard to celebrate National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Children’s Day.

The gold in the centre of our artwork represents the school, the brown represents the land and the dots on the land represent each child who was involved in the painting. The artwork was divided in half, the bottom half represents the ocean and the top half represents the trees. The students then put their handprints on the side that best showed where they belong.

A beautiful piece of work that is on display with some of our writing down the corridor.

Pierre de Coubertin Award Winner
Dylan looking relaxed before the award
Pierre de Coubertin Award Winner
A great achievement

Pierre de Coubertin Award - Dylan

Our Dylan is an award winner!