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Tony Grayden, Principal


Swimming Carnival 2019

The Inter-House Swimming Carnival was held last week on Friday 15 February. All students in the College had an opportunity to be involved. The Prep/1/2 students participated in a variety of different novelty events.
The students from Years 3 to 12 competed in freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly races. In addition some fun activities were included, such as kickboard and speedboat relays, medley and freestyle relays. Lots of cheering created a deafening roar as the teams encouraged the swimmers to the end with some very close finishes. Once again we should recognise the value of the free swimming program provided by the College in the indoor heated pool. The College now has three fully qualified swimming teachers on staff: Michelle Ferrari, Jan Ratcliff and Rebecca McKenzie. If you see them around, please thank them for their efforts. This year we also gave points for showing good team spirit, that will contribute to a “Spirit Cup”. So far Blue House has 55 points and Red 30 points. Everyone who participated deserves a big congratulations for their efforts.

The winning team of the 2019 House Swimming was

LOCH ARD BLUE with 368 points

At the end ERIC THE RED had 287 points.


The current practise is to award the best two performing participants in four sections, the Primary and Secondary for both boys and girls, with a Champion and a Runner-up. When two competitors had the same points, they were awarded equal Champion.

CHAMPION Jasper Newton, 12 yrs (39 pts)
Runner up
Dean Constantinou, 12 yrs (33 pts) Equal first (45 pts)

Chloe Ewert, 12 yrs &
Zoey Williamson, 10 years.
CHAMPION Equal first (45 pts)
Bryce Bridgeman, 17 yrs &
Lochlan Provan, 14 yrs. Lilley Ayres, 16 yrs (66 pts)
Runner up
Ella Brauer, 14 yrs (63 points)

At the carnival two New Records were set by Bryce Bridgeman. In the Backstroke, his time was 12.77 seconds, which broke a record set in 2010 by Daniel Lasarow (time of 16.15 seconds) by more than three seconds. Bryce’s time in the Individual Medley was 1:19.77 minutes, nearly two seconds faster than the record held by Stuart Robertson since 2010 (time 1:21.00 minutes). Congratulations Bryce on the amazing swimming and these two fantastic times.

An additional report is provided with all the best results of the day, and showing the current records for the Inter-house Carnivals. I am sure you will enjoy seeing some familiar names in the report! It shows the outstanding performances of many students over the years.

Yours Truly,
Ms Melissa Potter

Secondary Coastal Athletics Carnival 2018

A team of Lavers Hill secondary students attended Central Reserve in Colac on Friday 27 April, 2018 to compete against representatives from Apollo Bay, Lorne, Colac Secondary and Trinity Colleges. It was a glorious sunny day for this annual extra-curricular event. There were some fantastic results achieved and a wonderful supportive atmosphere between competitors. It was pleasing to see the efforts of our students who gained a place by performing very well at the Otway Athletics. As you will see below our competitors obtained many “first” places. This is a truly amazing effort when you consider they competed against the best athletes from some much larger schools. If they choose they can compete in the next level of competition, which will be in September.
I congratulate all students for their participation and results.
Student performances on the day:

Ella Brauer Discus 1st Javelin 1st Shot Put 3rd Triple Jump 3rd
William Wyld Javelin 1st Triple Jump 4th
Matthew Wyld High Jump 1st Shot Put 1st Long Jump 2nd Triple Jump 3rd
Jack Cowley Javelin 2nd
Lilley Ayers 200m 3rd 400m 2nd 800m 2nd 1500m 2nd
Jacobi Javelin 2nd
Isabelle Long Jump 3rd
Jim Abraham Discus 1st Javelin 1st
Zoe Brauer Shot Put 1st Triple Jump 1st Discus 1st 100m 1st High Jump 1st 200m 1st Long Jump 1st

Age Group Champions
The excellent performances by Ella and Zoe deserve special mention. Both achieved the award of Age Group Champions on the day.
Ella Brauer = 13 years Female Champion with 88 points.
Zoe Brauer = 20 years Female Champion with 168 points.
Well done Ella and Zoe.

By Ms Melissa Potter


Lavers Hill Chess program

Our Games Elective is up and running and many of the students are keenly playing Chess. I am thoroughly enjoying the chance to hone my skills and am playing regularly with Edward who is currently up 3 games to 2. I am not very happy with this and am very keen to get back to 3 all next week.

To build on this interest we would like to invite community members to join us to help build our collective skills.

If you are interested please contact the Principal.

Victorian Schools Castlemaine Chess Tournament – coming up on Wednesday 20th May and Thursday 21st May. (offering $20,000 prize money). The concept grows upon the Castlemaine Community’s development of chess excellence in education on a local and global level over the past 9 years. The Challenge is funded by various private benefactors from Castlemaine, and sponsors such as Maldon & District Bendigo Community Bank. The inaugural tournament is on Prize money won at this event will be used solely for developing chess programs within schools and community.

The Lavers Hill Chess Team – we will be putting a team together over the coming weeks and plan to hold a local tournament in preparation for the trip to Castlemaine. There is also an opportunity to bring a sleeping bag and sleep in one of the Old Gaol cells. This will be a free night’s accommodation for people who travel beyond 100km.

Welcome back to 2019

2019 has seen four new staff being appointed and welcomed into our team. Shahne Wilkinson is our new assistant principal who will lead our Colac based Flexible Learning Program, Turning Point. Patricia Crilly will be our new Managed Individual Pathways Coordinator and will work across both campuses guiding the delivery of individual programs for our secondary students. Georgina Sheens is our new Outdoor Education/Physical Education teacher who will conduct programs across both campuses and comes with a wealth of international experience. We also welcome back to our community Keith McIntosh, who will be looking after the delivery of VCE Business and Legal Studies. We are very pleased to be able to attract such experienced and
credentialed staff to join us in the next phase of the development of the College.

As previously mentioned, the Department of Education and Training have announced the initiative to provide digital learning particularly aimed at isolated rural schools such as ours. The
concept is provide access to an even wider range of VCE studies via digital or virtual learning platforms. This is being supported by the provision of increased bandwidth and in our case, it will be doubled.

This term we have seen the introduction of the Victorian Digital Technologies Curriculum into Lavers Hill K-12 College. This is an exciting next step in broadening the curriculum offerings and ensuring that all students can equally access leading edge programs. Lavers Hill K-12 College will be supported by DLTV (Digital Learning Technologies Victoria) who will provide professional development for our teachers and advise us on providing the best resources to support the
delivery of the curriculum. Currently Years 7-10 are working on a robotics unit of work and this will provide a solid basis for further study of computational thinking and coding.

I am very interested in conducting digital technologies literacy programs for the wider
community. We are inviting feedback on what skills and knowledge we could provide via small group tuition. This would be a free for service opportunity to brush up on your skills and
learning new skills. Please contact me via the College administration. Exciting times are ahead!

Throughout January, a number of facilities upgrades have been commenced. These include painting the entrance foyer and the first aid room. The East Wing will be refurbished throughout the second term. Extensive grounds work has been commenced including fuel reduction on the Northern fence line. A big thanks to Pat our groundsman who does such a great job maintain the extensive garden. Also to Bill who has steadily worked through a number of maintenance tasks to ensure a smooth start to the year. Also to Marty who has supported the school over so many years and always helps, us out with all things related to plumbing.

As I stated in the last report in 2018, this marks the next stage in the development of the
College and I would welcome any community member to come into the College and see the work that is being done and where we are heading.

Tony Grayden—Principal