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Humanities is the study of human culture and its effect on the world.

HISTORY (Years 7-8)

THE VIKINGS – The way of life in Viking society, looking at a sequential history of events, developments and periods; significant developments and/or cultural achievements that lead to Viking expansion, including weapons, ship building, and trade; Viking conquests and relationships with other peoples.

THE ANCIENT TO MODERN WORLD – A look at living conditions and religious beliefs in the 14th Century, including life expectancy, medical knowledge and beliefs about the power of God; the role of expanding trade between Europe and Asia; and the Black Death, including origin, spread and effects of the disease.

MEDIEVAL LIFE – Making connections between the past and the present.

POLYNESIAN EXPANSION – Theories about the origin and spread of Polynesian settlers throughout the Pacific; a detailed study into one Polynesian society.

GEOGRAPHY (Years 9-10)

Students explore a variety of questions:

  • All the World is a Biome
  • How can we feed the world?
  • What are the impacts of feeding our world?
  • Are we devouring our future?

Students will also study geographies of human wellbeing:

  • What makes a good life?
  • Human wellbeing and change?
  • Is life the same everywhere?
  • Trapped by conflict