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Excursions give our students the chance to have experiences outside the confines of what can be provided on the school premises.

To help keep the cost down for parents, many excursions are subsidised by the Parent’s Club.

VCE Biology Field Trip
Parading Penguins
VCE Biology Field Trip

VCE Biology Field Trip: A personalised perusal into parading penguins

It was an eventful animal filled adventure Zoe, Mark, Andrew, Ethan and Dakota found themselves on the week before last. After a wee bus trip into the city we landed at Melbourne Zoo where students spent the time observing the adaptations of organisms large and small. From turtles with hard houses on their backs, to lions with muscular legs built for speed and power, it was an inquiry into how the organisms survive in their environment.

The trip fitted in with Unit 1 of VCE Biology: How do living things stay Alive? As part of the unit, students conduct an investigation using practical work to answer a self-proposed question. As a class we had come up with the topic of Little Penguins. Students had then spent time researching and determining their exact focus. Topics included the effect of climate change on penguins; the interaction between penguins and their environment; and how penguins cope with predator/prey interactions.

The penguin exhibit at the zoo enabled the students to observe the animals in close proximity, taking their time to make scientific sketches and observations. Following this, we made our way down to Phillip Island to see the Little Penguins in their natural habitat.

Three hundred pairs of eyes wearing 10 more layers than usual sat in anticipation, waiting for the first brave penguin to take the plunge out of the water. One out, two out, three. Soon the penguins were completing a forwards and backwards dance, each keen to return home but not willing to be first across the sand in case a watchful eagle waited nearby. They would launch in groups, bodies’ bent forwards, eyes focused on the rocks, pelting as fast as their little legs would carry them. Then it was up over the rocks and time for socialising outside their burrows. It was an absolute privilege to watch!

A big thanks to all the students for making it so enjoyable, Ms Potter for helping organise it and to Chris (Ms Potter’s friend) for making us so welcome in her backyard!

Ms Brown

Grampians Camp 2016
Grampians Camp 2016

Grampians Quest Camp

The Year 7 and 8 went to the Grampians for our camp. We learnt about Aboriginals and got to throw some boomerangs, we also climbed Boronia peak and played mini golf.


Last week the Year 7-8s went on camp to the Grampians. The first day we walked about 2.5km to a camping ground and that night we played Mini golf and we had fish and chips for tea. The next day we walked to another camp ground and we did rock climbing and abseiling but we had to split into 2 groups and one of the groups didn’t get to do them because it was too wet. Then after we had tea that night we got to watch a movie. The last day we walked up the Boronia Peak and we got to see an awesome view of the town.


At camp we did mini golf, rock climbing, abseiling and A LOT OF HIKING. The mini golf was pretty fun but
our group kept getting off track. The rock climbing was good and fun but I didn’t get far, only about 15 metres. We couldn’t do abseiling because it took a long time for people to get the courage to go over the edge. Since there were 2 groups we had to go first, the other group didn’t get to do it because it was way too wet. Most of the camp was long, hard and exhausting hiking but we made it through. All in all the camp was pretty decent.


Camp Wyuna 2016
Camp Wyuna 2016
Camp Wyuna 2016
Camp Wyuna 2016

Camp Wyuna 2016

Last week Grade 3/4 students travelled to the YMCA activity based camp set in the sheltered sand dunes of Queenscliff.

It was a very wild and windy couple of days where our scheduled activities had to be altered due to the weather conditions. However all students were very comfortable in Buckley’s lodge and thanks to the very friendly staff we all enjoyed the many meals prepared for us and the helpful activity leaders, Harry and Lincoln, who not only lead our various activities, but were a wealth of knowledge about the history of the area.

Activities we enjoyed on camp included:

  • Boogie board surfing
  • ‘Ga Ga’ pit game
  • Home-made pizza making
  • Rock wall challenge
  • Bush walk to see the sites
  • 4km Mountain bike ride to the Lighthouse.
  • Marshmallow cooking around the Campfire
  • Visit to the Queenscliff Marina – lookout tower
  • Night beach spotlight tiggy game
  • Exploration of the Fort at Queenscliff

Morning room inspection … and guess what ??? The boys won by 1½ points!!

However the highlight for all students was the 2 hour visit to the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre on the second day when it was pouring down outside. We were able to explore and hold the many rock pool creatures, look at a wide variety of amazing creatures in the tanks and watch them be fed on sea monkeys. We learnt about the food chain and environmental issues affecting our marine environment and how we can all help to protect it.


  • Emily – Iron woman Surf Champion
  • Chloe – Bike riding Endurance Champion
  • Jasper – Head butting Boogie-board Champion
  • Georgia – Best Buddy Camper
  • Zeke – “Beat Boxin” Champion
  • Dean – “Ga-Ga” Champion

On behalf of the Grade 3/4 students I would like to thank Sue Harrington and Kirrin Brown for coming on our camp to support us. We really appreciate you giving up your time to make our camp such a success.

Mrs Kathryn Doherty

Andy Warhol & Ai Wei Wei Exhibition
Andy Warhol & Ai Wei Wei Exhibition

Andy Warhol & Ai Wei Wei Exhibition

Last Tuesday (19th April), in luxurious style [thanks to Hutchinson’s Bus lines and driver Pat] 25 students and five teachers spent the day with Andy Warhol and Ai Wei Wei ! [Not in person – but we certainly felt their presence.]

The trip was offered by the NGV outreach program and generously fund- ed through a donation from Mrs Krystyna Campbell-Pretty. Mrs Campbell-Pretty and her late husband Harold are well known for their support of programs to promote access to the NGV. The NGV provided travel to and from Lavers Hill, exhibition entry, workshop and lunch.

Our introductory talk from the NGV‘s Grace was stimulating and set the scene perfectly for students to view the exhibition. Grace spoke in detail about Ai Wei Wei’s background, especially his clashes with the Chinese government that underpin his fight for fair treatment and justice for all. Our students participated thoughtfully and knowledgeably. After a picnic in the NGV gardens [very generously packed lunchboxes ] we spent an hour
investigating this huge exhibition and identifying similarities between Ai Wei Wei and his hero Andy Warhol.

After the exhibition we went back upstairs to one of the gallery’s beautifully equipped studios and participated in an hour long workshop called “Make Your Cup Count”. During the workshop students brainstormed a message or a cause that meant something to them personally. Later, in true Pop Art style, they transformed paper coffee cups to represent this cause.

Sue Harrington

Mt. Eccles excursion
Mt. Eccles excursion

Middle Years Visit To Mt Eccles

Last Monday and Tuesday, the middle years students from Lavers Hill travelled to Mt Eccles.

Mt Eccles is also named Budj Bim by the Gunditjmara people. That means ‘high head’. We have been studying volcanoes and were interested to see a dormant volcano. This volcano has the most recent activity in Victoria.

We went on a hike, the ‘Lava Canal walk’. It was interesting to see lava canals, tunnels and blisters which we think were grown over with vegetation. The walk was difficult as we were walking over basalt and the ground was uneven but the magnificent view of Lake Surprise at the end of the hike made it all worthwhile.

Later, after setting up our tents, we lit a fire and also cooked our dinners on methylated spirit stoves. There were a variety of menus but most groups prepared an entrée, main meal and dessert so no one went to bed hungry. Toasting marshmallows on the coals was quite popular with some.

The evening was clear and the stars bright, so we ventured to the picnic ground to play Home 44. John scared Mrs O by hiding under the table and grabbing her leg.

Jaryd, Matt and Tom were visited in the night by some inquisitive possums that were poking around for food. The possums made some weird noises throughout the night.

We were fortunate to have Peter Moore from Parks Victoria come to talk to us on Tuesday morning. We had heaps of questions to ask him and he did a good job answering them all.

This was the first experience camping in a tent for some of the group. I wonder if they’ll do it again!

The PM, the MP & the Canberra group
L-R: Anne O'Sullivan, Grace, Skye, Matariki, Mitch, Jacobi, PM Malcolm Turnbull, Jaryd, Jack, Matt, Sarah Douglas, Tom, Sarah Henderson MP

Canberra Camp 2015

Middle Years students and teachers met the Prime Minister during a behind-the-scenes tour of Parliament House organised by Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson.

Grade 3/4 Camp, Queenscliff
Grade 3/4 Camp, Queenscliff

Year 3/4 Camp - Queenscliff

The Grade 3/4s had fun at YMCA’s Camp Wyuna in Queenscliff.

This is what we did on the second day at Camp Wyuna. We went bike riding along the sea wall to Point Lonsdale. At the marine centre everyone got to touch starfish and other stuff. We learnt a new game called donkey. We played a pirate game on the beach. Matthew

I liked when Tim took as on a bike ride. We went to the Marine Discovery Centre. We went bush bashing because we got lost. Ella

The grade 3/4 went mountain bike riding with Mr Fitz, Tim and Tilly. It was 9km. Willie

When we first got to Camp Wyuna we made pizza for lunch. It was yummy. Matariki

I liked lots of things on Camp Wyuna. There was the mountain bike riding. We rode 9 kilometres to the Marine Discovery Centre and Point Lonsdale. In the Marine Discovery Centre we saw a blue ringed octopus, starfish, elephant snail, hermit crab and seahorses. Then we rode back to camp and had lunch. After lunch we went to the beach and played games. Jack

Melbourne 5/6 Camp
Melbourne 5/6 Camp

Melbourne 5/6 Camp

Year 5-6 Camp was in Melbourne last week. We ascended to the top of the Eureka building, taking in the great views and preparing to go out ‘onto the Edge’.

This was a moment of truth, to have the solid floor turn to glass and to seem to be floating above the city. What was reassuring was the students’ excitement as the adults adjusted to great sense of space and the skyline.

Afterwards we set off in search of hot chocolates or ice-creams. As we explored Southbank we found a Lindt shop which was an absolute delight. It was a pleasure to talk with the students and hear of their vivid urban experiences. A big thank you must go to Anne and Sue who led the camp and provided the students with a great series of new challenges and support.