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Tony Grayden, Principal


Excursions give our students the chance to have experiences outside the confines of what can be provided on the school premises.

To help keep the cost down for parents, many excursions are subsidised by the Parent’s Club.

Avalon Air Show 2019

On Friday 1st March students from our Turning Point campus attended the Avalon Air Show. The students attended a careers information briefing where they learned valuable information regarding careers in the aviation and aeronautical industry and looked at qualifications needed in the industry including apprenticeships, certificate courses and degrees. The main message from the briefing was that this is a growing industry area in Australia and if you are passionate about working in the field then there will be a job for you.
Students were also treated to presentations from the Australian Defence Force which included excellent information regarding the growing industry in drone technology. After the careers presentation students were free to wander the airfield and take in the sights and sounds of the air show.
Students wanting to find out more about this industry or a career in aviation should

Trish Crilly our Careers and Pathways Coordinator.