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Tony Grayden, Principal


Fairy Tail Dress Up

Fairy Tale Dress up Day
Tuesday 6th March
Grade P-6 were extremely excited to be part of this very special dress up day to raise awareness and money for children with Autism. Thankyou Jess for organizing such a great day including the BBQ lunch.
Our P-2 students reflected;

Today I came as Little Red Riding Hood for fairytale dress –up day. Maddison

Today I came as Bob the Builder for the fairytale dress-up day. Mason

I came in a dress. I was Cinderella and I came with my crown and my sparkly shoe. Shaniya

I came as a fairy. I had a pink dress it had sparkly love hearts. At lunch we got sausages. Claire

I came as a magician. I wore a black hat and blue glasses and waved
my magic wand. Marshall

I came as Rapunzel for the fairytale dress-up day. I wore a purple dress. Cameron

Geelong Cats Footy Clinic

On Tuesday the 6th of February we were very lucky to have 3 AFL Geelong players visit.
Aaron Black, Jed Bews and Jordan Murdoch visit us for a clinic.
Which included skills, drills and exercises. Using the oval and Gym followed by a question and answer
session in the canteen

From the Director

Aladdin JR.

After much deliberation and many discussions, I am very pleased to announce and present the following students in lead roles for this year’s School production of ‘Aladdin JR..’

Cast List

Aladdin Ethan Martin

Jasmine Teaghan Vance

Jafar Zoey Brauer

Sultan Angus Vance

Genie Ella Brauer

Iago Jasper Newton

Razoul Ryan Harriott

Guard 1 William Wyld

Guard 2 Rose Ayers

Narrators Izzy, Bryanna, Sophie, Jess & Emily

Magic Carpet Dean Constantinou & Georgia Tremeer

Many thanks to Melissa, Sue and Jack for their support during the audition process. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all students for preparing themselves prior to auditions so well and for giving it their best, we had some very nervous soloists!!

Rehearsals will begin the first week of term 2 on Tuesday afternoon in period 5/ 6. Scripts and vocal CD will be distributed to lead cast members prior to break to study over the holidays and we will have a full read through at tour first rehearsal Tuesday 17th April.

I am pleased to also announce that we have Melissa Potter as Assistant director this year and thrilled to have Jack Doherty joining our team as our vocal director.

If you have an interest in joining the team and help support our school production in any way we welcome you to let us know ASAP ie props, costuming, sound, lighting, vocal, chorography ….
I now look forward to bringing to life Disney’s Production of ‘Aladdin JR.” arranged by Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd. exclusive agent for Music Theatre International, New York here in Lavers Hill in September.
I’ll keep you updated!

*Kathryn Doherty

Insight into Democracy

Insight into Democracy

The Middle Years held a discussion forum called ‘Insight in to Democracy’ on Monday 2nd November.

Karma, Jai and Grace did an excellent job facilitating the lively discussion about values and democracy.

A number of parents, teachers and community members attended to share their views and help the students extend their thinking around these topics. Many of the guests commented on the thoughtfulness and confidence of the Middle Years students’ comments in the discussion.

Otways Learning Conference - Digital Technologies & New Directions

Goals of the Conference:

  • Introduction to the Digital Technologies curriculum and how to start teaching it
  • Innovations in leveraging digital in your classroom
  • Maker Spaces and the capacity to inspire deep learning
  • Student voice and 21st Century Learning
  • Opportunities to network and share your ideas and practices

More information on the DLTV website.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015 – 9:00am to 4:00pm

Conference organisation and registration will be handled by Lavers Hill K-12 College.

Registration cost $50 (including GST).

Local accommodation is available at reduced rates. Contact the school for details.

Please contact Linda at Lavers Hill K-12 College to register or purchase tickets online.

L i n d a _ P e r k i n s
03 5237 3213

Indonesia Speaking Competition 2018

On Friday, the 22nd of June, two of our students, Jasper Newton and Zoey Williamson, travelled to Melbourne with their families to attend the Indonesian Speaking Competition Award Ceremonies. Accompanied by the Principal Tony Grayden, they accepted their awards of Highly Commended, among the best in the state.
Thank you to their families who supported the students and school, and well done to both our students!
Josh Zanker

House Swimming Carnival

Lavers Hill K-12 College

The Inter-House Swimming Carnival was held last week on Monday 19 February. Some very keen students from Years 5 to 12 participated and there were some very close finishes. The outstanding improvements in the swimming ability of our students is due to our free swimming program provided by the College in the indoor heated pool. The swimming teachers Michelle Ferrari, Jan Ratcliff and Kath Speirs should all be congratulated.



The current practise is to award the best two performing participants in four sections, the Primary and Secondary for both boys and girls, with a Champion and a Runner-up. This year there were insufficient primary swimmers to award a runner-up.

GROUP Male Female
PRIMARY CHAMPION Dean Constantinou, 11 yrs (30 pts) Chloe Ewert, 11 yrs (37 pts).

SECONDARY CHAMPION Angus Vance, Open (60 points) Zoe Brauer, Open (60 points) RUNNER UP Bryce Bridgeman, 16 yrs (37 points) Ella Brauer, 13 yrs (54 points)


Handmade, Vintage & Homegrown Market

The Lavers Hill K-12 College Student Foundation supports our students to have an opportunity to do the extraordinary.

‘Treasures Shop’ products are very generously donated by members of our community and our Vintage Market stall was a showcase of this generosity! The timing of the event this year and competing priorities such as the Colac Show reduced the number of volunteers available on the day.

We highly commend our volunteers – Amy, Zoe and Ella plus Michael, Pam, Krystal, Jasmine and Marley – who worked really hard on the day. The BBQ Team dealing with the challenge of long queues for those wanting to taste the delights was an amazing effort. Pressure! The Book Team are to be congratulated on their work on Friday to set up ‘Treasures’ (all those books – no mean feat!).

Many people commented on the range of beautiful coloured dots on very presentable book spines – this was the great work of Years 7 and 8 who worked really hard at sandpapering, pricing and packing books.

The clean up, which everyone hates, was very willingly done by Years 7 to 10. It was a great effort by a lot of people! Thanks also to Joan who joined our sales team for support and creative selling … All this effort produced a magnificent $1105.60 profit.

These funds will go into the Student Foundation in preparation for Amy, Jasmine and Chloe who are currently undertaking their GOLD Award. We will have to wait until 2015 to see what adventures unfold for our three VCE students!

Denise Hooke

I would like to say a huge terima kasih to Ibu Yanti and Steve Lawson, who ran a highly successful Indonesian food stall at the Lavers Hill Handmade, Vintage and Homegrown Market on Sunday. Yanti’s delicious cooking and Steve’s front-of-house efforts raised $306 to go towards the school’s Indonesian program. The money raised will help to buy some new Indonesian films and games to help bring students’ language learning to life.

Ibu Sarah

Sleeping Rough is Tough Night
Sleeping Rough is Tough Night

Sleeping Rough Is Tough Night

For the last term, my amazing team of Year 5 and 6 students and Tom (Year 4) have planned and coordinated a project. The team had four goals; to connect with our local community, to run a community project from start to finish, raise awareness of what it is like to be homeless; and to fund raise at least $1,000 to buy Street Swags for homeless people.

After the ‘Sleeping Rough Is Tough’ night which was held last Friday (17th October), the group evaluated the project.

Below are some of the comments made by the team in the evaluation:

‘The people who slept rough definitely learned what it was like to be homeless.’

‘We made presentations at meetings and assemblies.’

‘We ran our organisation of the project to a timeline and we stuck to it.’

‘We advertised in the Otway Light and Alison wrote an article in the Colac Herald.’

‘We estimate more than 70 people attended.’

‘We had heaps of community helpers.’

‘Our School Council helped and so did our Parents Club.’

‘We almost tripled our goal for fund-raising.’

The students felt they were very successful running the project.

We would all like to thank everyone who helped us in this project either; donating, collecting, helping us cook, helping us get the word out, entertaining us on the night, donating food for the event and attending.

Special thanks must go to the brave souls who slept on the ground overnight.

We raised $2,909.50 which will give 36 people who live on the streets a more comfortable place to sleep.

Anne O’Sullivan

Tom and Mark
Tom and Mark
Skye, Grace, Tom and Ethan
Skye, Grace, Tom and Ethan
The Lion, The Witch & The Walk-in-Robe cast members
The Lion, The Witch & The Walk-in-Robe - Tom, Zoe, Mark, Mitch, Ella & Jack
The Lion, The Witch & The Walk-in-Robe 2014
The Lion, The Witch & The Walk-in-Robe 2014

School Performance 2014

The Lion, The Witch and The Walk-in-Robe

Well our production of The Lion, The Witch and the Walk-In Robe is over for another year!

Two absolutely amazing shows were staged with great highlights to remember both on stage and off.

Again I congratulate all the wonderful cast members, but in particular our lead students for without their amazing dedication and talent the show would not have been so professional.

I thank you all for your commitment and dedication and applaud your every effort. What an amazing group of talented students I am so proud of you all!!

I would like to express my greatest thanks to the Staff Production Team for their hard work and support in helping to bring my vision for the show to life. Your enthusiasm and support has been so appreciated.

Kate Doherty, Director



On Friday 5th September, the Year 7-9 Indonesian class held its own Warung, selling the Indonesian food they have been learning to cook throughout this term.

Five delicious dishes were prepared by the students and we had many happy customers on the day. I would like to say a big terima kasih (thank you) to Ibu Yanti, who has come to share her cooking expertise with the students during the term.

Ibu Sarah