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Lavers Hill K-12 College

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Tony Grayden, Principal

Lavers Hill Community House

Established in 2010, the Lavers Hill & District Community House runs adult education and community development programs open to the whole community. Many of our workshops are run using the school’s facilities – an amazing resource for the community.

Since Term 1 2014, we have been delivering a Certificate III in Visual Arts (Textiles) in partnership with the school and South West TAFE. Students from the school have been able to visit the class and witness “lifelong learning” first hand. Next year the Certificate III Group plan to create a collaborative art project with school students as part of their course.

The Community House’s Strategic Plan features food security as a major focus area. As part of this, we have established a cold climate food forest at the school and have been working with teachers and the community to make plans to develop and expand the vegetable garden. We are looking forward to doing more work with the school in this space.

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Lavers Hill & District Community House Coordinator
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