Lavers Hill K-12 College

Lavers Hill K-12 College

03 5237 3213

10 College Drive, Lavers Hill, 3238

Tony Grayden, Principal

Community Gym

The Lavers Hill Community Gym is a well equipped facility, available for use by members of the community.

There’s cardio equipment such as treadmills, cross trainers and bicycles. There are free weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and medicine balls. There are also several benches and a chin up bar, as well as fit balls, steps, a BOSU balance trainer and skipping ropes. Boxing bags & gloves are also available.

The Gym is operated by Roz O’Loughlin, who is a Certificate 3 qualified fitness instructor. She opens the Gym 5:30 – 7pm, Mondays & Wednesdays. Please note that it’s sometimes closed during the school holidays or occasionally at other times, so check with her.

Roz offers guided circuit classes 5:45 – 6:45pm Mondays & Wednesdays. These are a mixed level class of cardio & strength training, using a variety of equipment – free weights, fit balls, machines, boxing etc.

The Gym is available for use by anyone 12 years or older (as long as they have filled in a fitness/health form & indemnity form).

If you’d like to join a class or use the Gym, please contact the office.


Pool & Gym subcommittee

  • I a n _ B r o w n, Pool Maintenance
  • K a t h _ S p e i r s (Staff)
  • R o n _ H a r r i n g t o n
  • R o z _ O ' L o u g h l i n
  • R u s s e l l _ W h i t e f o r d (Colac Otway Shire)
  • S t e p h e n _ H a r t (Colac Otway Shire)
  • T o n y _ G r a y d e n, Chair (Staff)