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College Production 2016
College Production 2016
College Production 2016
College Production 2016
College Production 2016
College Production 2016
College Production 2016
College Production 2016

From the Director

Well our production of The Jungle Book is over for another year!

Two absolutely amazing shows were staged with great highlights to remember both on stage and off. Again I congratulate all the wonderful cast members, but in particular our lead students for without their amazing dedication and talent the show would not have been so professional. I thank you all for your commitment and dedication and applaud your every effort. What an amazing group of talented students I am so proud of you all!!

I would like to express my greatest thanks to the Staff Production Team for their hard work and support in helping to bring my vision for the show to life. Your enthusiasm and support has been so appreciated.

  • Thank you Sami Constantinou and working Bee staff & parents and crew for creating such great props required for the show. Thanks to Peter Thompson and Sami for creating that amazing tree together. Thanks to Sarah Douglas as well for helping with small props.
  • Special thanks to Sue Harrington for her endless hours of work over the two terms to organize and sew costumes for the show. Your talent and precision to get everything just right is a credit to you. Our characters came to life thanks to you…they were spot on ! Also to her sewing crew that supported her through the last weeks before the show Jenny McNamara, Julia Malcolm and Cassie Williamson.
  • To all the lighting crew Mark & Jessie and Dylan under the direction of Melissa Potter and all the back stage crew Matt and Jai following the very detailed plans from our Stage manager Jan Ratcliff … both shows ran smoothly and shone even more brightly due to your care and management. And to Dakota for her support to the cast with prompting their lines … as well as remembering your own lines … Thank you and well done!
  • To Kirra Greaves on sound and music and Kath Speirs & Kirrin Brown on headset microphones – I’m glad it all went smoothly most of the time!!
  • To Angus for volunteering to video the show and Helen Davis on photography. What beautiful pictures you have captured for us to treasure :)
  • To our hair and makeup artists Anne O’Sullivan, Kirrin Brown, Michelle Ferrari, Cassie Williamson and Hannah Filice your animal face painting creations were spectacular!!!
  • To Marni Briffa and Denise Hooke for being on the door and for organizing the very generous Raffle prizes and foyer display. Special thanks also to Sophie for making our cast photo display board and John for your support on the door and with the raffle.
  • It has once again been a pleasure to work with our very own beautiful ballerina Chloe on the dance choreograph. She has been an amazing support to the show and I thank her for all her efforts and contributions including working with the Kinder students.
  • Thanks Natalya, Hannah and Michelle for supporting our weekly Kinder elephant dance routine practices and help on the night with supervision … they went on with no tears!! YEH !! Also to Missy for her support throughout 2 terms with the Prep/1 monkey dance and student supervision throughout production week.
  • A massive thank you to all our special helpers, parents and businesses who helped with donations and to the students who helped with construction of props during electives. Also special thanks to Sue at the Roadhouse and her team for supplying endless cups of coffee to us during production week (we certainly needed it!) and for feeding us prior to the night performance.
  • We thank our publicity team which included Deb Whitecross who spent many hours creating our spectacular programme and Linda Perkins for ticketing and Helen Davis for the fantastic posters and photos.
  • Big thanks to our very own Andrew Kohane for his support with hall bookings and liaison with Apollo Bay and for his ongoing support throughout production planning and performances and for transporting equipment back to Geelong.
  • To all the senior students who volunteered their time to work together as back stage and lighting crew.
  • Also not forgetting back at school supervision was supported by Susan Collingbourne, Michelle Ferrari and Tony Grayden.

Finally I could not have been able to direct or coordinate all the scenes without an extra pair of hands. I am enormously thankful to Sarah Douglas and Kath Speirs for their patience, support, vision and ideas and for keeping me calm and sane throughout this wonderful journey with our K-12 students here at Lavers Hill College.

Well that’s all folks till 2018!! CHOOKAS everyone.

Mrs Kathryn Doherty

The New Canteen
The New Canteen
The New Canteen

The New Canteen

The new canteen has been a huge success.

All the new furniture we have purchased is great, all the staff and students are happy with it.

The couches would be the most favourite thing, they are so comfortable. The new tables and chairs are good too, so all the kids are happy with what the new canteen has to offer.

The students have made a agreement on how to keep it all clean and use it with respect.

Open sign

Treasures Community Shop

The Treasures Community Shop is a new business that Lavers Hill Years 10–12 and Turning Point students have been working together to create.

The purpose is to help students learn important business skills, and to raise money for our Student Foundation which supports students to “undertake extraordinary opportunities” – like Sarah undertaking her GOLD Duke of Edinburgh Expedition.

If you are interested in any items please contact Denise Hooke via the Office.