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Ancient China

The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China

Middle Years students are investigating ancient civilisations as part of their History and English studies.

The Year 7 and 8 students have taken on ancient Chinese personas and are writing the following blog, trying to stay as true to the times as a blog will allow!


Under the first Chinese emperor Qin 2 tourist attraction were built they were the first version of the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army of thousands of men who were forced into years of labor. The Terracotta Army was found by farmers digging a well near xi’an in 1974bc it was named as one of the worlds most spectacular architectural an entire Terracotta Army of some 7,000 warriors chariots and horses. They found them buried with the emperor in an underground grave. Thousands of the workers were killed and buried ofter the building was finished so ho-ane would fined the location

— posted by Tai Whan

Lots of animals

In china there is over 6266 species of vertebras, that is ten percent of the worlds population. Their is 1244 species of birds, that is more than any other country. 320 species of reptile and 210 species of amphibians.

— posted by Yum Yum

The dragon of luck

As is an imaginable paws of the tiger, the beard of the goat, the scales of the carp and the belly of the snake. According to legends, the Chinese dragon is able to breathe fire, summon wind and call for rain, fly into the clouds and hide at the bottom of the sea; it’s also capable of becoming as large as the sky or disguising itself by being as tiny as a pinhead. Unlike castle-burning dragons of Western stories, Chinese Dragons are a symbol in the Chinese culture. From celebrations to the Zodiac, to historical rulers, the dragon has played a large part in China’s rich history. It is a good luck charm. Thats why there on the houses.

— posted by Yum Yum

My biggest catch

As you all know my name is chow and I am going to tell you about the time (meaning three weeks ago) that I caught a metre and a half eel in my secret fishing hole at the start of the Yangtze River I was sitting down enjoying my lunch when all of a sudden my rod started going crazy I grabbed and started pulling it in and then boom it launched out of the water all I seen was a splash and a giant fish like head jump out of the water I was shocked to see the Size of this eel I stopped joking around and got serious I yanked and pulled and ripped and swung my rod when finally it was over I pulled it up onto the the bank of the river and ran back to town and got some of my friends to help me carry it back.
Me and my friends had a good dinner that night.

Google images

— posted by Chow

Me Henry, you not Henry

i have now met confusous in person, and he is good man with happy feelings
Together we discovered confusousornis, but I get no credit for it.
Have you ever looked up confusousornis and sore my name, no he took all the credit and named it after him self :€ I am just dust in his eyes but i am good man with happy feelings:D

— posted by Henry Wuw

Emperors requested a ceremonial sword for himself

Swords have a long history in China. Bronze swords have been traced back to the bronze daggers of the Shang period. Bronze long swords suddenly appeared during the mid-third century BC. Later swords were made of iron or steel. These metals were wrought, never cast. Swords commonly reached a length of 70–100 cm, although longer swords have been found.

— posted by Lie Zi

Every thing including me is awesome

Say what
A hummer
Yer, I has one
That’s right people I have a new hummer
what, you want a description, very well than, it’s small and emerald green, it’s wing flat really fast and is a sub speasice of the flappy cheepcheep men, but I’m calling it a hummer.
I have been studying the non Homo sapiens lately and I now have a large list of flappy cheepcheep men
Click right here to see the list with info
Some peoples of China are killing all the non Homo sapiens and some are going extinct, many are now protected from zem evil people’s.

— posted by Henry Wuw


Cook, clean, cook. Cook, clean, cook. IT NEVER ENDS!1!1!

— posted by Shu Yan

Totally making some serious coinage

Since there’s only a few blacksmiths around in Shanghai I have been getting a lot of business $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

— posted by Lie Zi

Worlds longest cemetry

The great wall of china is one of the worlds biggest cemetrys. It was built over a 1700 year time span and millions of people were forced to build it. Most of the people were buried under the wall and the rest were buried around the wall.

— posted by Yum Yum

lol had to recruit some new apprentices to get the job done

— posted by Lie Zi

what to eat?

So once again it’s come to the time of day when I have to cook dinner. Cleanings done. Washing done. Now just cooking.
I’m thinking fried rice. Pretty basic, but hats what everyone around here eats.

— posted by Shu Yan